About Bonnie

Who is Bonnie Wilkinson? I live in a very quiet little town, Alanson which is located in Michigan, USA. I am very happily married to a wonderful man and have two daughters.


I have been sewing for the last 48 years. I have loved sewing at a very young age. I won my first 4-H blue ribbon and State Fair ribbon when I was 5 years old. Sewing and embroidery are my passion. A day does not go by that I am not behind the sewing machine at least once a day. I was introduced to Embird several years ago and I know how hard and frustrating it was for me when I first opened my program. I bought some books, read the manual, and tried to do some tutorials but I was more confused when I finished a lesson than what I was before I started. I decided I was going to learn the program by myself and I did. I have been producing video lessons to teach others how to use the Embird program. I also told myself that I did not want others to feel so frustrated with the program so I started to offer sessions for Embird all around the state of Michigan where I live. That lasted one year because I was on the road and gone from my family every weekend during that summer. I was packing and unpacking more than I cared to. I decided I had to find another way to reach all these people and still be able to stay home with my family. I decided to produce my own video lessons to be downloaded or mailed on DVD/CDs all over the world. This has proven the best route for me and many others. I am able to reach many more people, young and senior, male and female. Many of my students have sent me their results and I will share the photos with you in the gallery. All of these people started in the same frustrated state that I was in so I could relate to them and the stress they went through. If you own Embird you owe it to your self to check out my lessons. Try the free downloads first to see if you can't learn from me also.


It is my Hope to be able to help you out to learn the program also.


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