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We have created this form in the hopes it will help you get around our site and to answer some of the history of our site. We hope this faq will help you, but if it doesn't, please feel free to contact us.

To see images on this page, hover over the link to see them. Please allow time for them to load, they will load as you hover, they do not preload with the page.

  1. What do you specialize in?
  2. How do I know which size I ordered?
  3. How do I purchase designs from this site?
  4. How do I download purchased designs?
  5. What payment methods do you use?
  6. Will you send designs on a cd or floppy should I prefer that method?
  7. Where are the Free Designs?
  8. How can I contact you?
  9. How do I use my coupon?


What do you specialize in?

Embird Lessons For Beginners - My lessons are not for the more advanced embird user, I specialize in easy techniques to help the beginner with Embird and all Embird addons.

Free Standing Lace - Fun lace  designs that can be sewn together to make your own unique arrangements for your projects.

In The Hoop Designs - Pictures and instructions for projects that have been created using all types of machine embroidery.

Applique & Redwork - Designs that are quickly stitched out and fun to create with your projects.

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How do I know which size I ordered?

When designs are offered that have various sizes, you will see a pull down window offering you a choice of which design to purchase. You can see what that looks like by clicking here.

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How do I purchase designs from this site?

Basically, it's easy to shop in a cart type of setting.

These are the basics:

  1. Click on a category (image)
  2. Choose a product (image)
  3. Look over product, check images (image)
  4. Scroll to bottom of page, find any options to choose from. (image)
  5. Click on add to cart. (image)
  6. Add all products you wish to purchase in your cart,
  7. Click on Checkout in top of page (image) (image)
  8. Sign in or register. (image)
  9. Confirm your address, add any coupons you have (image) (image)
  10. Review your order (image)
  11. Login to Paypal (image)
  12. Download your order (image)
  13. Tip #1 Other Downloads (image)
  14. Tip #2 Images (image)

If you have any questions about purchasing designs or lessons, please feel free to contact us.

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How do I download purchased designs/lessons?

There are several ways to download designs, I will also cover some of the things you should know about downloading files at this site.

For paid lessons only, once you come back from paypal, you will see the download page for the lesson.

Look at this image to see what your page should look like when coming back from Paypal. If it doesn't look like this, then something has gone wrong.

Important Tip: While you can use download managers on the downloads, you must download 1 at a time in order to not time out the download. If your a cable user, this is really a non-issue, but if your a dialup user, you should really download 1 at a time, click on the next one when the other is finished. This cart does not allow the ability to set them all in your download manager, then hit download, it won't resume and will time out the download by the time it gets to the next one. Even with cable, you can set 5 or 6 downloads at a time, but it's still the same thing, if you set them all in your download manager at once, the downloads will time out, so please only place the amount of downloads you have set in your download manager to download at the time. (I know this is a hassle, but all Zen-Cart sites have this option in place, and there is no changing it for security reasons)

It can happen that at some point you will need to come back and redownload your order. All downloads at this site are set at unlimited downloads, so you can come back a year from now and redownload with no problems. However, cart errors do occur, and should you not be able to download, we will reset your download for you just by your having written us with the email, order invoice number, or paypal invoice number (we have to be able to find the order in order to reset your downloads) and name.

Should you need to come back and redownload your order, this is how you would do that:

  1. Click on My Account or Login at any page in the site (image) (image)
  2. Sign into your account (image) If you used the login, you will have to click on my account again to go into your account.
  3. Once you are inside the My Account area, you can make many changes here, such as password, email addresses, changes to your address, but at the top of the page you will see all the orders you have ever placed at BDzines after the cart was added here. (All previous orders are not available, but can be by writing us should you need to redownload an order)
  4. Click on the View Order button for the order you need to redownload. (image)
  5. You will now see that order and it's details. Scroll to under the order details where you should see the downloads start. (image) (image)
  6. Click on the Download button to start the downloads (image) If you run into problems with downloading, please write us.

Tips For Using A Download Manager

I use getright and firefox, and the samples shown in the images are via getright and firefox's interface. Hover over the tip numbers to see the tips.

  1. Tip #1
  2. Tip #2
  3. Tip #3
  4. Tip #4
  5. Tip #5

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What payment methods do you use?

We currently use Paypal. We believe it's one of the safest payment system on the net.

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Will you send designs on a cd or floppy should I prefer that method?

Yes we will, please see the shipping and refunds page.

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Where are the Free Designs & Lessons?

Free Lessons & Designs have been placed in there own category. They are easily downloadable by clicking on the links.

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How can I contact you?

Please use our contact form to reach us. We use this in order to prevent spam. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

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How do I use my coupon?

Add your products to the cart, go to checkout, login (if you haven't already done so), check your order, and just under the order amount, add the coupon code. (image)

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