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BDzines is a group TO inform you of any new lessons, designs or project patterns that I place on my web site. Ask questions related to Embird Editor and Embird Studio and my lessons. the rest can be removed
I make videos for you to learn the Embird Editor (basic program) and the Embird Studio (digitizing program). The main purpose of this group is to keep you updated of all new lessons for Embird Editor and Embird Studio or when they will be ready. I will also take requests for video lessons. Suggestions are welcomed for any new lesson that you may need. Mail from this group is very low

Embird Studio 4 Fun

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EmbirdStudio4Fun is a group for anyone who wants to learn the Embird Studio Program and being able to digitize your own designs. You MUST own Embird Studio to belong. We will all learn to digitize designs together and share the designs that have been created using Embird Studio.
We will do lessons using various tools for each lesson. Remember everyone started from the beginning and worked up to perfection. So, here is a place to start. When you sign up let me know how far into the program you have gotten and how long you have owned the program, as well as what you would like to learn here.

Embird For Beginners

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Embird4beginners is group is for any person who wants to learn the Embird EDITOR, the basic program.. As a member of this group you will learn to edit, and manipulate design elements around to create a new design that is all your own. You will learn the basic workings of the program. You can sign up for the free bi-monthly lessons. You are encouraged to ask questions about the lessons or the program itself.
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