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Version 2012 RELEASED

Embird Embroidery Software



64-bit version available   

32-bit version available


  • Embird is now available as 32-bit and also as 64-bit application, with fast, native 64-bit Iconizer plug-in.
  • Now it is possible to add comment to each thread in catalog, allowing you to specify e.g. amount of thread you have in your stock, or its location, etc.
  • Embird now shows Embird Editor Files (.EEF) in Manager and also in Iconizer. These files are created by selecting "Save Workspace As" menu in Editor.
  • Embird is now capable of saving .PES and .VP3 files with list of threads from chosen thread catalogs.
  • Embird now allows to choose version of PES format when saving .PES file.
  • New format "Smarteer Sew Style .SSS" is supported.


  • New tabs for viewing designs were added: "Density Map" and "X-Ray".
  • Now it is possible to add watermark to designs. See new tutorial "Add Watermark" which explains this topic.
  • New option "Options > Automatically Create Zip files (*.zip)" was added, allowing to automatically create .zip archive file of every file being displayed and/or created in Embird.
  • New option "options > Automatically Add Date and Time to File Name" was added, allowing to automatically add current date and time to every new file created in Embird.
  • New command "Right Panel > Export > Export Convertible File" added, allowing to export an executable file which contains the design stitches and also routines for converting the design into many formats with various hoop settings possible. This might be very useful if you want to send the design to customer via Internet and allow to convert and print this design on the customer computer. The customer does not need to have any embroidery software - he/she will just run the executable file, choose the design format and print the template if required.


  • New tabs for viewing designs were added: "Density Map" and "X-Ray".
  • New menu "Insert > Auto-Aligning Stitches" was added, allowing to automatically insert alignment stitches into selected objects. See new tutorial "Inserting Aligning Stitches - Insert Auto-Aligning Stitches".


  • New tabs for viewing designs were added: "Density Map" and "X-Ray".
  • Now it is possible to print B&W documentation with symbols instead of colors.


  • New feature in text mode: insert text (or multiline text) from clipboard via pop-up menu or shortcut (CTRL+V). Text is inserted at current cursor position.
  • New display modes (Density Map and X-Ray tabs at the bottom of the screen) for stitch density and layout analysis.
  • Max. size of work area increased from 750 mm to 1000 mm (1 meter).
  • Transfer of hoop settings from Embird to Studio.
  • New tool (window) for tuning of colors of vector objects: main menu > Objects > Tune Colors.
  • Smoother rounding-off of column stitches compiled into Editor.
  • New short-cut to snap selected node to nearest node (key '2').
  • Zoom window visibility and column mode (A, B, C) settings changed so that they are kept for each new project.
  • Fix to occasional jump stitches in plain fill zig-zag underlay.
  • Fix to remembering the Library folder path.
  • Fix to accuracy of centering selected objects at low zoom levels.
  • Fix to Font Engine and auto-column - generation of stitches if object has thin prickly corner(s).


New hoop were added:
  • Janome MC12000 SQ23 Hoop (230 x 230 mm)
  • Janome MC12000 GR Hoop (230 x 300 mm) - Vertical
  • Janome MC12000 GR Hoop (300 x 230 mm) - Horizontal
  • Janome MC12000 FA10 Hoop (100 x 40 mm) - Horizontal
  • Janome MC12000 FA10 Hoop (40 x 100 mm) - Vertical
  • Pfaff Creative Quilters Hoop (200 x 200 mm)
  • Pfaff Creative Grand Endless Hoop (150 x 260 mm) - Vertical
  • Pfaff Creative Grand Endless Hoop (260 x 150 mm) - Horizontal


New tutorials are now available at http://www.embird.net/sw/embird/tutorial.htm:

UPGRADE FEE    19.00


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