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Font Engine 4.0
Plug-in for Embird 2003 and above

There is no download for Font Engine, it comes as part of Embird Manager/Editor

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Embird Font Engine is a tool for conversion of text made with TrueType or OpenType font into an embroidery design. There are many adjustable lettering parameters such as size, density, fill and outline modes as well as characters layout and deformations in Font Engine. When finished, lettering is compiled into stitches and put into Embird Editor for final adjustment and save in desired embroidery format.

Please note: Font Engine does not include any font. It is a conversion program. Our other product, Embird Alphabets, is a lettering system totally different to Font Engine. Alphabets are predigitized embroidery fonts.

If Font Engine is run from Embird Studio, lettering is placed into Studio as a design in curves. Font Engine produces lettering in a large size scale, from about 5 milimeters (1/5") up to 30 cm (12"). There is no separate installation file for Font Engine. Evaluation version is included in every installation of Embird. However, you will have to purchase and register Font Engine separately from main Embird program, otherwise only several characters are available in every font. After purchase and insertion of registration password, evaluation version turns into full version. No additional download or installation needed. Use "Editor -> Insert -> Font Engine Text" command to access Font Engine.

Select TrueType or OpenType font and type the text you want to convert into embroidery. Adjust size and other parameters of text in Properties tab. Font Engine can produce plain fill, auto column (satin stitch) and motif fills and sample, satin and applique outlines for text.

Use Fill Exterior function to invert filled areas of text. Pattern, Wave, Gradient and other effects like contour or circular fill can be applied to plain fill of text.

Font Engine allows user to place text on line, ellipse and other baselines and also to deform it with use of an envelope.
Characters may have single stitch, sample, satin stitch or applique outline.

Each character in a text can be moved, rotated, skewed and scaled separately to create unique lettering effects. Use Symmetry options for easier adjustment of envelope. Many predefined envelopes are included.
Auto Column
(satin stitches) fill of text produces lettering looking almost as if it was digitized by a human digitizer. Font Engine uses large base of digitizers knowledge and an artificial intelligence to convert fonts into satin stitches.

Satin stitches lettering of large size should be used with Pattern option on, to avoid too long stitches and to add texture to a large stitched areas.


Exact Words for this page were copied from Embird's website to insure accuracy in description of Embird's Font Engine Plugin.

If you need to upgrade Embird to current version, please contact Bonnie.


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