Thursday 04 September, 2008

Hi Bonnie, just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your videos. I have
had embird (with all the plugins) since I purchased my Ultimate Box about 3
yrs ago. I have never used embird for anything other than writing designs to
my card. I took graphic design in college and have wanted to learn
digitizing since I started machine embroidery.I knew I had embird studio but
had no idea what it could do or how to use it. All the tutorials I found on
the web were over $100 each with no guarantee that I would even understand
them! I found your website in the discussion section at ATW. One member
listed several places to buy tutorials but said she liked yours the best. I
went to your site and downloaded the free lesson on creating folders in
embird. It was so clear and easy to follow that I purchased the "Studio
Tools" lessons. I was so glad to find lessons that were affordable and after
checking out the free lessons, I knew they would be clear and concise. I
didn't expect so much for $10! After going over the "tools" lessons, I feel
confident that I will be able to do everything I need in embird, no need for
those thousand dollar + programs that I can't afford! I can't wait to
purchase my next lesson. I plan to buy one each week or so until I learn
enough to use this great program as it was intended. Now that I know what I
have with embird, I'm ready to go! Thank you so much for making lessons that
the average person can afford and for being such a fantastic teacher. I feel
like I have my own private instructor with your easy to follow, step by step
approach. I also appreciate your instant downloads. Keep up the good work!

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Testimonial By: Linda Vines

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