Run for my money

Tuesday 04 May, 2010

I must say. Bonnie has the patience of a Saint. Cause I gave her a run for her money with all my boo-boo's. I finnally got it all downloaded and now I am having a good time with the lessons. Highly recommend buying from this site as she is there for you and quick to help.

Testimonial By: Elly Collins

Can't Get Enough

Wednesday 05 August, 2009

I thought I knew the basics of the Embird program, after seeing Beginning Editor, Manager, Studio Basics and Studio Tools, I am suprised to see how much I didn't know. The lessons are so clear and easy to understand, Bonnie walks you thru with such ease I felt she was there with me. I was so pleased with the lessons I ordered a couple more. Thanks you so much for the great lessons. Keep up the good work.
Jeri Bordewisch
Testimonial By: Jeri Bordewisch — Cottondale, Alabama — Sew Many Memories

Tutorial Treasure

Wednesday 22 October, 2008

I am having sooooo! much fun learning. Your lessons are easy to follow and include all the necessary details. You never assume and always explain in an easy to understand manner. Your tutorials have definately made my christmas list, mother's day, birthday and any other reason I can think for me. Thank you and keep the lessons coming.

Cyndee in Digitizing Heaven
Testimonial By: Cynthia Osborne


Monday 29 September, 2008

Well Bonnie.....you hit another "homerun"!!!!! This lesson was wonderful!! I amazed myself at the ease I felt doing this lesson. I think I am no longer intimidated by Embird.....and believe me.....all the credit goes to YOU!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU dear lady..... I have informed my family that if they want to get a BIG bang for their buck....they should all join together and get me the Studio portion of Embird.....hahahahaahha I "tried" to be nonchalant....but going over it in my memory....I believe it was forceful!!!!!!! haha What a BLESSING you have been in my life.....the JOY you have given me is unbelievable..... I will be indebted to you always..... And as if all this wasn't the BEST......I have just been informed I have another Grandchild coming......haven't had a grandbaby for 22 years!! Have 4 GREAT Grands from 4-9...... I will practice this craft making.....wee things!!!!!!!! Again.....Thank You and I pray you are repaid 10 fold with the joy you have given me!!!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial By: Carolyn


Thursday 04 September, 2008

Hi Bonnie, just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your videos. I have
had embird (with all the plugins) since I purchased my Ultimate Box about 3
yrs ago. I have never used embird for anything other than writing designs to
my card. I took graphic design in college and have wanted to learn
digitizing since I started machine embroidery.I knew I had embird studio but
had no idea what it could do or how to use it. All the tutorials I found on
the web were over $100 each with no guarantee that I would even understand
them! I found your website in the discussion section at ATW. One member
listed several places to buy tutorials but said she liked yours the best. I
went to your site and downloaded the free lesson on creating folders in
embird. It was so clear and easy to follow that I purchased the "Studio
Tools" lessons. I was so glad to find lessons that were affordable and after
checking out the free lessons, I knew they would be clear and concise. I
didn't expect so much for $10! After going over the "tools" lessons, I feel
confident that I will be able to do everything I need in embird, no need for
those thousand dollar + programs that I can't afford! I can't wait to
purchase my next lesson. I plan to buy one each week or so until I learn
enough to use this great program as it was intended. Now that I know what I
have with embird, I'm ready to go! Thank you so much for making lessons that
the average person can afford and for being such a fantastic teacher. I feel
like I have my own private instructor with your easy to follow, step by step
approach. I also appreciate your instant downloads. Keep up the good work!

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Testimonial By: Linda Vines

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